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Acceledent and Invisalign

How Invisalign Normally Works

Invisalign works by the plastic overlay aligner pushing gently on the teeth, causing the teeth to move a tiny bit. There is a series of aligners, custom-made for each patient to fit their specific teeth, designed by computers, which are worn in sequence and which move the teeth in the desired direction, and normally each aligner is worn for 1-2 weeks, moving the teeth the amount that they have been scientifically shown to be able to move within a 1-2 week period.

How to Speed Up the Treatment

The rate that the teeth move is controlled by how fast the bone holding the teeth can remodel. If the bone can be induced to remodel faster, the teeth can move faster. That is exactly what happens with the Acceledent device.

It is a vibrating device which is placed in the mouth for 20 minutes every day, and the patient clenches on the Acceledent's soft rubber mouthpiece, which transmits the gentle vibrations through the aligners to the teeth, and hence to the bone surrounding the teeth.

The cells in the bone respond to the vibrations by causing the bone to remodel faster, and the teeth move the desired distance in less time.

Therefore, each aligner in the series can be worn for one week instead of two, and the overall treatment time is greatly reduced.

How to Obtain the Acceledent

Since you need to use the Acceledent daily, it is not feasible to use it in our office. The Acceledent is available for purchase from our office, and you will use it at home, perhaps while working on your computer, or reading, or watching TV. We keep them on hand and you can take one home the same day you enquire about it. They are single-patient-use and we price them at $1200. The Acceledent comes with a re-charging cord and power adapter, and the vibrator, and the rubber mouthpiece.

For people who are interested in the fastest-possible treatment, and the most comfortable, this technology is frequently found to be quite desirable, despite the significant price tag. The time of treatment has been measured to be reduced from 30-50%. http://acceledent.com/orthodontists.

How to Use the Acceledent

See the 3 minute video below. It is quite simple.

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