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The Invisalign Treatment Steps

Torrance Invisalign

If you are considering getting Invisalign, you may want to know how the process works, and the various treatment steps. Breeze Orthodontics in Torrance has been a Super Elite Invisalign Provider - one of only 1% of providers, and remains at the forefront in all recent advances in this superior tooth straightening treatment.

The Steps of Invisalign Treatment

The first step involves initial record gathering, getting scans of your teeth, as well as photos of your face, and a headfilm (X-ray of your entire head) and a Panorex X-ray, and jaw joint X-rays. These photos and scans are uploaded and submitted on-line to Invisalign, with instructions to the Invisalign technician regarding how to arrange the teeth.

The Invisalign company then prepares an animation of how they propose to move your teeth into the final position, based upon the instructions from our doctors. He reviews the animation and proposes changes when needed. When satisfied, the aligners are manufactured.

The aligners are then delivered to you, with preliminary clear plastic "bumps" usually being bonded to some of your teeth at the first appointment to enhance the effectiveness of the aligners moving your teeth. You are taught how to insert and remove the aligners, and you take a series of them home with you. You wear the aligners 22 hours every day, removing them only 20-30 minutes for each meal, storing them safely during the meal in a plastic box we provide, so they don't get lost or thrown out. You change the aligners every 1-2 weeks, but you don't discard the used ones (you save them just in case you need to go back to them)..

You see the orthodontist usually every 6-12 weeks, at which time the orthodontist may do some adjustments to the shapes of some of your teeth. The orthodontist may add or remove some plastic bumps on your teeth, as planned, and may start you wearing little rubberbands from one tooth to another, for bite corrections. The orthodontist will verify that the aligners fit correctly and that your teeth are doing what they are supposed to. The orthodontist will verify that you are wearing the aligners the number of hours agreed to, and have you move on to the next in the series of aligners.

As you approach the end of your series of aligners, your teeth will look much nicer. The orthodontist will check your bite, maybe make adjustments to some of the teeth, and start planning for the retention phase. At the conclusion of treatment, the bumps are removed from your teeth by polishing them off. Most Invisalign patients prefer Invisalign-style retainers, and these are ordered from Invisalign, usually with no additional impressions being necessary , and the retainers are tried in.

As this illustration shows, very nice results are possible with Invisalign, but the results have to be protected with retainers.



There is apparently no such thing as stability of the teeth, due to the fact that the face is constantly changing during the aging process, and the changing lips and cheeks and tongue and gums cause the teeth to move, so retainers have to be worn at night forever. They look just like Invisalign aligners, without bumps in them.

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