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Find out why Invisalign is the better choice over traditional braces. Find out what it means to be an Invisalign Super Elite Premier Provider. Don't be misled by false invisalign advertisements! Click here to get the facts.

What is an Invisalign Elite Premier Provider?

How do you know which doctor to go to for an Invisalign treatment for your teeth? There is a huge difference in the experience of various dentists and orthodontists. Dr. Eckhart has been a Super Elite Premier Provider. What does this mean? For an explanation of the different designations that Invisalign assigns to doctors, click here. Dr. Rita and Dr. Eckhart has been a provider of Invisalign since 2000, and an Elite Provider since 2005. They were in the first group of Super Elite providers, in the top 1% of all providers of Invisalign, have treated over 2,000 cases with Invisalign successfully, and have even taught the process to dentists throughout Southern California in special training forums.

Get the Most Qualified Orthodontists for Invisalign

They have acquired continuing education credits by attending all Invisalign summits, forums, and study clubs in recent years; Dr. Eckhart was a charter member of an invitation-only peer-to-peer Southern California Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club (conducted by Invisalign). He also keeps up-to-date by "ask the expert" continuing education courses available directly from the company. There are few orthodontists, much less dentists that have the extent of training and experience with Invisalign that you will find at Breeze Orthodontics.

Experience Makes the Difference: Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is a special training designation that not all dentists or orthodontists have. To be assigned this designation an orthotdontist must start at least 6 teens per quarter. If your teen needs braces, you can trust our orthodontic office to provide the highest quality treatment and to work with them so that they are responsible about wearing their Invisalign braces properly and for enough hours. Invisalign Teen has the advantage of up to six free replacements of broken or lost aligners. Teens are more likely to lose or break their Invisalign braces, and this saves parents the cost of replacement - it is included!

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